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Efficient palletising robots improve your profits

We have successfully developed and delivered more than 1000 palletising robots worldwide. Day in and day out these machines palletise buckets, crates, bottles and other forms of packaging.

Our starting point is your specific production to make sure that your palletising robot will  create a more efficient packaging process. You can opt for a unique solution designed for your production line, or choose one of our standard machines. Whichever option you choose, our robots will generate high added value for you.



Danish palletising solution is top choice with Swedish gelatine manufacturer

GELITA in Sweden is pleased to have chosen Danish automation from DAN Palletiser to ensure efficient and accurate palletising thousand tonnes of gelatine annually in small and large bags. The implementation was completed in 3-4 months and the pallet loading solution has since run impeccably. The investment has increased GELITA’s production capacity and optimised delivery time as the machine can load multiple pallets in less time.

Watch video of the plant and read the whole case here

BILA wants to automate forklift trucks worldwide

“Now, industrial companies can automate forklift trucks without long waiting times

Scandinavia’s largest automation company, BILA, has removed the three biggest barriers for industrial companies to easily get started automating manual pallet transport with old-fashioned forklift trucks”

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Tailored Solutions

We are experts in complex solutions and our unique solutions are 100% tailor made to your requirements.

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Standard Solutions

Our standard solutions easily and quickly optimise your production whilst improving your work environment.

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Our services include servicing, repair and supply of spare parts. And, if needed, we can be contacted around the clock.

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Dan Palletiser A/S

Customers around the world have for years used our palletising systems. We provide solutions to some of the world's largest producers and wholesale companies in the food and beverage industry, the printing and chemical industry and the animal feed industry.


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