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Allinson Flour

One dual shift employee costs more than what it does to lease an MK1 palletiser

Allinson Flour produces more than 10,000 tonnes of flour in Enfield, England. With a leased palletiser from Dan Palletiser, heavy and manual lifts during handling of the numerous bags of flour is eliminated. Allinson Flour produces flour and grain, and has been a household brand in England since the beginning of the 20th century. There has been longstanding cooperation between Associated British Foods, owners of Allinson Flour, and Dan Palletiser, and when Dan Palletiser's simple lease-based offer outperformed a robotic solution, the natural choice was a traditional MK1 palletiser.

Flexible Solution

With the lease-based solution, costs are reduced as one dual shift employee costs more per month than what it does to lease an MK1 palletiser.
"We are very satisfied with the lease-based solution from Dan Palletiser. We do not have invest in anything and we do not have any maintenance costs, only the running costs of the palletiser. Another advantage is the improved work environment which the machine provides", explains factory manager Michael Dalton. 
Allinson Flour produces bags of flour in different sizes - 0.5, 1 and 3 kg bags. The MK1 machine palletises 80 bags per minute, which translates to 4.5 tonnes per hour or 36 tonnes per shift.
Economics, capacity and reliability were the deciding factors when considering the MK1 palletiser. Another noteworthy advantage is the improved work environment, where the heavy manual lifts no longer burdens the employees.
"It is a very flexible solution. There is no investment and we can return the palletiser at any point or choose to purchase it", says factory manager, Michael Dalton. 

The lease includes freight charges, installation and start-up, 8 hours of training for operators, an annual service, spare parts and online assistance.


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