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Hain Daniels

Standard palletising system replaces manual work

Hain Daniels has improved the physical work environment by implementing an automated palletiser from Dan Palletiser as replacement for manual handling of buckets and cans. A tailored palletiser ensures that palletising stays on track with production in one of UK’s biggest food companies.

The food company Hain Daniels Group produces private product ranges and provides the British market with private label food and drink brands. Being a large production company, Hain Daniels is aware of the advantages of automation. So, the company has decided to fully automate parts of the production with a palletiser.

Last year, Hain Daniels implemented a MK4 palletiser, developed especially for palletising of tapered cans and buckets made of plastic or metal. Upon delivery of such a palletiser, it will often be required to adjust the standard palletiser to the specific production line, which also was the case with Hain Daniels.

”We delivered a standard solution to Hain Daniels as part of the company’s whole new bucket line. The palletiser is designed to palletise plastic buckets of 12.5 litres, as well as shrink foiled cardboard trays with four cans”, says Simon Rune Sørensen, Head of Sales at Dan Palletiser and continues:

- With this palletiser, Hain Daniels ensures stable handling of buckets and cans, placed carefully on pallets at the end of the production line.

According to Lee Holman, Head of Products at Hain Daniels, not only the buckets and cans are handled with care because of the palletiser.

- The palletising solution is the ideal solution to us, since it replaces hard manual work. This means that the physical work environment is improved, as our employees avoid heavy lifting and back twists, he says.

Improved efficiency and increased competitiveness

Implementing the palletiser has more advantages than just improvement of the physical work environment. The efficiency of the production line is improved by letting the palletiser handle monotonous working processes. And according to Lee Holman, this is of significant importance to the company:

”By outsourcing the palletising task to a fully automated palletiser, we can produce even more in a shorter period of time than through manual work. The advantage of an automated palletising solution is that it can work around the clock”, he says and continues:

- We can palletise goods during the evening and night - and even on weekends at a low hourly rate. This increases our competitiveness and the opportunity to keep track of the increasing demand, he says.

Great cooperation

Dan Palletiser has been in close dialogue with Hain Daniels from the initial enquiry for a palletising solution to final implementation of the specific palletiser.

”Dan Palletiser has been a fantastic partner from the very beginning, with great interest in understanding our business. This has resulted in us gaining a fully automated palletising system that without doubt is the best system for us”, Lee Holman concludes.

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