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On the way to the top

Dan Palletiser has strong new leadership and has a team behind it that is professional, proactive and positive, which can now offer clients new and old some exciting additions since the takeover in July by the BILA Group.

Being part of a group that has dynamics and multi level automated robotic systems it was the perfect addition to the BILA Group to invest in the purchase of Dan Palletiser.
Today, just under six months after Dan Palletiser became a part of BILA, we are positioning ourselves within the new family, and the wheels are turning in the factory in Vemmelev.

– During the months that have passed since BILA acquired us, we have strengthened our position on the market, and we are experiencing a steady flow of orders and huge interest for our products, both nationally and internationally from abroad, says COO Simon R. Sørensen, adding:

– It feels fantastic to have closed 2018 in this way after a year, where the first 6 months were a little too exciting.

Need for more employees

Dan Palletiser closed two larger deals for supply of palletising equipment to Sweden and Norway in the end of 2017, and we have recently employed a new sales manager in the UK, who will work closely together with our sales coordinator on the market.

– UK used to be our absolute largest export market previously, and now we are targeting this market again. We expect a serious boost of orders from the UK market, which also means that we will need more employees in the near future, says Simon R. Sørensen.

Already now, Dan Palletiser has hired two new sales executives.

– In 2017, our focus was primarily on our main product, palletising systems, but in 2018 we will also focus more on a wider range of products, among others our service business, which has expanded after the acquisition by BILA. Furthermore, we will also focus more on the Danish market, which has been slightly neglected due to the high demand from foreign customers, informs Simon R. Sørensen.

Dan Palletiser A/S

Customers around the world have for years used our palletising systems. We provide solutions to some of the world's largest producers and wholesale companies in the food and beverage industry, the printing and chemical industry and the animal feed industry.


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