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Numerous different types of products are packed in trays. Everything from mayonnaise, canned cat food, soft drinks and cocoa is packed in trays before it is palletised. Our machines palletise everything without problems – even if the trays are shrink-wrapped.

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Below is more information on the machines that are highly suitable for the palletising of trays and shrink-wrapped trays.


Fully automatic multi-palletising robot

  • Highly Flexible
  • From 4-6 layers per minute

Technical Data

  • Capacity: Up to 5 layers/min
  • Inlet Height: 2700 mm
  • Outlet Height: 400 mm
  • Max Full Pallet Height: 2000 mm incl. pallet 
  • Platform Height: 2300 mm 

Dan Palletiser A/S

Customers around the world have for years used our palletising systems. We provide solutions to some of the world's largest producers and wholesale companies in the food and beverage industry, the printing and chemical industry and the animal feed industry.


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